Affiliate program

We pay out a 20% commission for each ticket that has been bought using your affiliate link.

If a user browses the site using your affiliate link but purchases a ticket later without this link, you will still get a commission on this transaction.

Register and visit My account - Affiliate program page to get your link.

Please ensure you are using the link to invite your customers, partners, subscribers and whoever might be interested in this conference, and earn a 20% commission on all the tickets they have bought.

Terms and Conditions

Who can join this program?

We don’t limit the number of affiliates. To join the program you just need to register on the conference official website, you have already done this.

How to get an affiliate link?

Every registered website visitor gets a unique affiliate link. You have already had yours, please see it above. This link allows us to identify transactions which are connected with your account and reward you a commission. If a user browses the affiliate link but purchase a ticket later without this link still you will have a commission on this transaction.

Are there any obligations from users’ side?

We kindly ask you not use any ways prohibited by the search engines to attract users. This can trigger sanctions to the website In case of using these ways the user's affiliate account can be blocked.

How to get an info about orders made?

An order number, date and amount spent will be displayed on this page (Your Account - Affiliate program) once the order is paid.

How the commission is applied?

You get 20% of the amount spent by affiliates who have used your affiliate link to purchase tickets (excluding your own ticket). If a user cancels his/her ticket (claim for refund), your commision on this transaction will be cancelled as well.

How / When to get a commission paid?

The minimum commision amount should be no less than $40 to get it paid. The commission will be accrued on the first ticket sold, though the payment will be made as per the terms of the affiliate program after two or more tickets sold using your affiliate link. The commission will be paid after the 12 October 2019, if you’d like to get the commision paid earlier (based on results of specific month or several months) please email us [email protected].

The commission will be transferred via PayPal or another payment gateway. If you want us to use PayPal for making payments please leave your email connected to your PayPal account in the field below.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the affiliate program please email us [email protected]